Wax Jacket fully understand the importance of getting property repossessed in the right condition. We are able to provide a professional repossession service including works to get property back to standard in a quick, effective and affordable way.

With a variety of repossession customers both large and small, we understand the importance of a cost effective and pro active repossession service. We can assist you with property repossession, regardless of what stage you are at in the process. Wax Jacket can produce and serve the relevant repossession documentation, but can also arrange locksmiths, house clearance, thorough property assessments and more.

Wax Jacket will serve a pre-repossession notification, so the subject is made fully aware of the time and date they will be expected to leave the property. This is done in an understanding and tactful way as we realise the sensitive nature of this work. We will aim to take photos at this point where possible, to act as supporting evidence.

On the day of repossession the Wax Jacket team will oversea the entire process and have new keys to the property, changing the locks to ensure the subject cannot regain entry to the premises once we have left. We will be able to deliver these back to you, the client, within 24hours.

Wax Jacket’s repossession team is prompt and professional and we are pleased to say the majority of our repossession works are carried out without incident, due to our experience in this area.

Our service is tailored to suit your needs. To arrange a repossession please CONTACT US.

What our clients have to say

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Excellent business partner, puts Alan Sugar into the shade.

David Williams Harrow 6th January 2017

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