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Wax Jacket is a leading Process Server in the UK. We hand-deliver notifications of impending legal processes to individuals and businesses nationwide, within a 24hour timescale as standard.

Statutory Demands, Debt Orders, Divorce Petitions, Bankruptcy Petitions, Winding Up Petitions, County and High Court Writs, and all other types of court injunctions are served by our professional process servers on a daily basis.

Our agents follow a strict set of rules and special instructions from the court, in accordance with the type of serve. Different classification of court summons and order require a specific process to be followed. This is paramount to ensure the prompt and legal serving of the summons.

We cover every major city in the UK, through to sleepy rural villages.

Wax Jacket has a team of strategically positioned process servers in London, Kent, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Derby, Liverpool, Stoke-On-Trent- Newcastle, Bristol, Peterborough, Cambridge, York and more.

Our prices start at just £50 + VAT for UK Process Serving, depending on location and type of court order being served. A typical serve is just £80+VAT.

Serving Court Papers

It’s important we are fully up-to-date on the latest legislation, to reduce the lifecycle of the case, and eliminate any holdups due to incorrect service of process. A phone call or email is not initially sufficient to comply with the rules of process serving in the UK. The law usually states that the defendant must be notified in person of the proceedings against them.


What is a Process Server?

A Process Server serves notifications on a variety of legal proceedings, including divorce, bankruptcy, injunctions and writs. Different classification of court summons require a unique process to serve it legally (Service Of Process). 

 Service of Process

Wax Jacket will visit the home of the respondent of the court summons. We may also visit their place of employment, if they cannot be contacted at home. Occasionally, we will deliver the court summons or other documents via a letterbox if we are permitted to do so. Most legal documents must be delivered in person, unless prior permission has been obtained via the court dealing with the case.

The court orders we serve are usually time-sensitive – so we will act quickly. Even if it means working unsociable hours to get a positive result. We often work long into the evening, but we’ll use our experience and common sense before knocking on a respondents door late in the day.

Proof of Service

In addition to serving the court summons or notice, we will also file a report and complete an affidavit or witness statement. An affidavit of service is a written statement confirmed by oath, for use as evidence in court. A witness statement is not usually signed under oath, but must be completed accurately and truthfully, to prevent delays to the court process.

We document each step of the service of process, to ensure that each and every case is handled in a legal and efficient manner. We ensure that you are kept abreast of any case developments, via realtime updates.

How the service of process works

Fast and reliable Process Agent

Our local process server will attempt service within hours of being instructed. We include two more follow up visits (if required) within our affordable fixed fees. Background information research, and an affidavit or witness statement are also part of our service. In some complex cases, or overseas instructions, affidavits may have to be sworn by a Notary Public. There will be a separate fee for this if it is required.

Our process servers visit at a time that promotes the target of the serve being present. We will do our homework, to ensure the best chance of success. Experience matters, and our skilled team of process servers know how to get results and save time and money. This is backed up by our high service of process success rate.

Our clients

Our clients include private individuals, Solicitors, Law Firms, Councils, and Multinational companies. We have also worked successfully with clients in the United States of America, Canada, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and throughout Europe.

Wax Jacket is also proud to work closely with one of the largest domestic abuse organisations in the UK. We serve more than 50 Non-Molestation and other types of emergency Domestic Abuse Court Injunctions every single week on their behalf.


Court Injunction Server

Wax Jacket Group Ltd has grown to become one of the largest UK Process Servers, since our inception in 2014. Our tactful, responsive and experienced team get results, without jeopardising the safety of our clients and our staff.

We have an experienced management team, together with a group of seasoned field process agents from a variety of backgrounds. Our process servers have a huge amount of combined experience and are strategically positioned to provide speedy service of process.

We also realise the importance of technology, and utilise it in the best possible to support our skilled team and staff ahead of the competition, and the people we serve.

Process Server Laws

As a leading UK Process Server, we are committed to fully understand the laws of service of process and abide by them. Being professionals in our industry with years of experience helps, but we constantly research to ensure full compliance and improvement. There are regular updates to the law on how and where a court or legal document can be served.

Within our ranks we have ex police & military personnel, and surveillance professionals. You can be assured that your court or legal document will be served legally and successfully by Wax Jacket.

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Excellent business partner, puts Alan Sugar into the shade.

David Williams Harrow 6th January 2017

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