Field Services

Wax Jacket provide a variety of field services including Mortgage Arrears visits, Eviction (pre & post visits), Re-connect visits and property checks. We are more than aware of the emotional nature of this work and offer a sympathetic yet professional service. We comply with the latest legislation and law but work tenaciously to deliver for our client.

Wax Jacket regularly work with other field service agents throughout the UK and can provide a specialist service in Norwich, Norfolk and the rest of East Anglia.

A summary of the field services Wax Jacket provides:

Mortgage Arrears Visit
Pre-eviction visit
Early arrears reconnect visit
Eviction visit

Occupancy Visit
Verification of the borrowers residential status 
Overall property condition report
Vacant property service visits weekly/monthly 

Re-connect Visits

Reconnect work for banks and finance houses
+ Telephone contact with clients while on site.

All field work is undertaken by our fully insured agents and as with all of our services, professionalism and confidentiality are the core values at Wax Jacket.

For any enquiries please CONTACT US.

What our clients have to say

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Excellent business partner, puts Alan Sugar into the shade.

David Williams Harrow 6th January 2017

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